Yvonne Bates
Certified Personal Trainer, Figure Champion & Fitness Model

I know that everyone isn't as motivated as I am ... especially when I'm preparing for a competition. That's why I chose to be a personal trainer. I don't have a magic wand that can transform your body in two weeks, but with moderation of dieting and training, you will get there.

These are my views on life as well. I try to have a balanced inner peace, and I try to stay positive about life. I also know that the rest will only shine. Being healthy physically and emotionally is very important. Please take care of your body and soul!

Personal Training Information:

I provide one-on-one training sessions that are designed to fit your goals and body type. Along with your training session, I also evaluate your daily eating habits to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

Front Cover!!!

I'm on the front cover of the August 2008 issue of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine!